About Us

Ultimate Robotics is a tight knit group of students from the United High Engineering and Technology Magnet in Laredo, Texas. Since our founding in 2002, our objective has been to engineer several robots a year. The robots we build are taken to multiple regional and state competitions. Teams are evaluated in robot performance, robot design, team spirit, sportsmanship, entrepreneurship, and community involvement. Our team persistently looks to find creative solutions to stay competitive in all areas.

We Build Futures

One thing that sets us apart is how we work to create a strong team of entrepreneurs. Not only do we focus on the technical aspects of design and construction, we model our organization like a corporation with different departments. By creating different interest groups, we invite students with multiple talents to harness their skills in a learning environment. These values have led to the success of many of our past members, who have attended or are currently attending top tier universities.

We recognize that science, math, and technology are powerful areas of knowledge, and a program such as robotics, enables students to aspire higher education and a professional career in these fields.

We Believe in Mentorships

Our most recent approach to managing the team comes in the form of mentorships. With over 100 alumni from our program, we are always working to strengthen our relationships with our alumni. Additionally, our senior team members also adopt a group of rookie members and teach them how to work on marketing and robot construction. By enabling communication, we hope to keep expanding the reach of our program. This will enable for higher learning, stronger partnerships, and more opportunities to make an impact on the community.